Who We Are?

Office Visual is a software company, specialised on online marketing products for small and medium business. Small companies especially need to be visible and communicate effectively with their customers. Most of all they need to know who their best customers are. We provide a low cost, easy to use system that contains powerful tools to enable small to medium companies to use advanced marketing functions in a simple way. This will not only help them keep track of their customer, but also to follow up on their new leads.

Office Visual is a marketing tool for small and medium business that focuses on direct communication with the customer.With Office Visual the user can promote its products and services in an easy and userfriendly application. Office Visual includes Newsletters, Suverys, SMS, Email, Video, Reminders, Calendar and much more and it can all be connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

Our Team

  • Erik Carlman
    Product Manager

    Erik has been working with CRM applications for more than 20 years, starting as a developer and later more focused on the clients as a project manager. Before the Office Visual project that started 2012, he had the position as General Manager for Mindcase and later as CTO at Interactive Medica which he also is one of the founders of.

  • Mara Balmaseda
    Business Director

    Mara has more than 18 years experience in technological companies as operation manager, project manager and product manager, implementing systems all around the world within the travel sector.

  • Verónica Varela de Seijas
    Account Director

    Verónica has worked most of her professional life in the CRM sector, close to the client as a project manager and account manager around Europe. She also has experience from Business Objects where she was part of the client solutions team, doing customized client solutions

  • Graeme Cooper
    OV Director UK

    Graeme has worked in Market Access for almost 20 years, and has had a great deal of experience in developing CRM systems to interface with the sales and marketing process. He has worked with large companies such as 3M and Glaxo, but more recently has been working within the UK Healthcare sector to use business and marketing intelligence systems to drive customer targeting and segmentation.

  • Sonia Clarke
    OV Sales Manager (North West) UK

    Sonia has worked for the past 17 years in sales and training with large global media, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. She has vast experience of working with a variety of CRM systems that she has used to great effect to drive her business. Prior to this she has a clinical background working across the UK and New Zealand. Sonia is now working with OV UK to bring effective online marketing and customer support for small and medium businesses.